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We offer you a wide list of procedures in which we will be happy to help you, in the most beneficial and effective way thanks to our experts.

More frequent procedures

  • Procedures for Citizens of the European Union
  • Procedures for non-European citizens
  • Acquisition formalities Spanish nationality
  • Family rights
  • Other Procedures

Procedures for Citizens of the European Union

  • EU registry certificates
  • Family member of EU citizens

Procedures for non-European citizens

  • Residence and work
  • Authorizations exceptional circumstances: humanitarian reasons.
  • Family regroupings
  • Renovations residences
  • Residence long duration and long duration EU
  • Non-profit residences
  • Childs
  • Law of entrepreneurs: highly qualified / Golden visa
  • Study stays and extensions Student visa
  • Tourism stays
  • Exceptional issues and circumstances
  • NIE for non-residents

Acquisition formalities Spanish nationality

  • For residence
  • By nature
  • By option
  • Sephardic
  • Appeals against denials

Family rights

  • Despite being our passion and specialization the right of aliens, within our office we are also experts in other branches of law: criminal law, labor law, civil and mercantile law. We collaborate with great professionals from the world of law as well as managers and economists, and we always work with trusted notaries.

Other Procedures

  • Invitation letter
  • Real pair registration
  • Appeal
  • Appeal against denial
  • Registration certificates
  • Cancellation of criminal records
  • Homologation of study qualifications
  • Return authorization
  • Voluntary return
  • Legalization of documents
  • Registration of marriages and births in the central register of Madrid

Aditional services

Services of other areas of law

At our buffet we also collaborate with experts from other fields of law that you can find below


Expand experiences in employment regulation and litigation regardless of the worker's modality


We help you in all the processing of the criminal process always with a close and personal treatment

Civil responsibility

We have experience in the claim or defense in the field of damages and insurances.

Financial law

We advise you in various fields, from foreclosures to the adaptation of the current regulations.


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Once planned, we are responsible for presenting all the documentation, whether administrative or judicial, necessary for your case.



Finally, get a favorable resolution, and if necessary, we are responsible for presenting all the appropriate resources.


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